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Cart bench from pieces of Camel Cart

The Country Collection houses some of the most unique and vintage pieces of furniture ever seen. From gorgeous antique pieces to beautifully rustic ones, the store at Gurgaon is a treasure trove of crafted furniture from various cultures around India, Nepal and Bhutan. The collection includes specially hand crafted benches made from old gypsy carts, cabinets made out of old doors from Rajasthan, breathtaking Indian antiques, stunning mirrors with wooden carvings on the edges, side tables and bedside cabinets from Bhutan etc. One of the stand out pieces was a Tibetan cabinet with hand painted scrolls printed on the cabinet doors.

A beautifully crafted cart wheel bench captured my attention almost immediately. Assembled from the old pieces of a camel cart, the side railing of the cart has been indigenously used as the back of the bench while the cart wheels act as stands. This meticulous piece of art now adorns my drawing room and is the envy of every single person who visits my place. The Country Collection is like a holy store of rare décor and should be on the list of every person who loves to collect traditional Indian furniture and antiques. There is a touch of old age charm and heritage to The Country Collection store which makes it beautiful in its own way.


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